System Implementation

The implementation of a new core banking IT system is a significant, transformative project for any bank.

Selecting an implementation partner with real specialization, broad market experience, and a solid track record is one of the most important decisions you can make in connection with such an endeavor.

We believe an implementation partner should be platform agnostic during the selection process; keen, experienced, and adept during the design, development, and rollout phases; and then informative, responsive, and flexible during post-implementation activities. Few organizations in our industry embrace these ideals, and even fewer have the global roster of exceptional talent that we do to make those ideas into reality.

Our approach is both structured and flexible, sophisticated and straight-forward. On these pages you will see examples of our underlying framework, but the best way to get a clear idea of what partnership could and would look like with your bank is to get in touch.


Our 7-Step Implementation Methodology

SOFGEN's 7-Step Methodology

SOFGEN employs a strict methodological approach to the implementation process, which is based on the result of years of experience in the field.

In the mid 90’s a UK-based consulting group studied 1,800 failed IT projects and determined that 11 critical success factors invariably determined whether a project would succeed or fail. These are:

  1. User involvement
  2. Executive management support
  3. Clear statement of requirements
  4. Proper planning
  5. Realistic expectations
  6. Manageable project milestones
  7. Qualified consultants
  8. Ownership of the solution by the customer
  9. Clear vision and objectives
  10. Hard-working, focused customer staff
  11. Proven project methodology & documentation

These are shared responsibilities: they give real meaning to our concept of partnership for mutual success, and they form the foundation of our seven- step implementation methodology.

Of course, in the end, however good your methodology, it’s of no use if you don’t have good people. Our consultants have an average of seven years’ experience, and we never train on the job. You can be confident that your project receives our very best talent at all times.