While the core platform is the heart of your bank, it is not the entire IT solution. Specialized software tools and packages can add critical functionalities that support your teams, your mission, your competitive edge, and ultimately your customers.
We have divided the satellite systems that augment the central platform into three major categories:


Mobility, Channels & Communication

These are significant concerns in modern banking. With data from so many sources, how can the elements of your IT ecosystem operate together? How can your communications with your customers stay timely, personalized, and accurate? And how can your customers interact with your bank and their accounts how they want, when they want, and on whichever of today’s myriad devices they choose?

Real data mobility, channel access and integrated communication are within reach, using best-in-class tools from our partners. Learn more >


Compliance & Risk

Banking has never been a more complicated proposition than it is today. With different and often time-sensitive regulatory requirements in every region, operational risk, and the threat of fraud from external and even internal sources, it is essential to have tools in place that keep track of the right details.

The right solutions can give you the reporting and monitoring you need to manage your risk and stay ahead of requirements. Learn more >


Cost Control

Cost control is paramount. Many factors can impact runaway costs: legacy systems that require more and more customization and manpower to operate; lack of clear insight into the state of the business; cumbersome workflows and change management procedures. Your bank must stay ahead of these challenges to avoid major impacts to timelines, operational agility, and the bottom line.  Learn how >