Listed here are the core banking platforms for which we have an established track record of success:

Avaloq Evolution AG & Avaloq Banking System

The Avaloq Banking System was developed in 1994, with its roots going back to BZ Informatik, which was formed in 1985. They architect solutions for asset managers, private banking divisions, and commercial banks. Today the company serves clients in countries such as Singapore and Germany as well as Switzerland and Luxembourg.

CSC Hogan

The Hogan Systems core banking platform from CSC is an integrated suite of applications that provides online, real-time access to all of a bank’s customer relationships across the entire enterprise. The emphasis on real-time processing means Hogan is a brand of choice for banks trying to meet demands for responsive, timely and accurate account information. It also reduces operating costs by eliminating the complexities of the traditional memopost, batch-update model.

ERI OLYMPIC Banking System

The OLYMPIC Banking System is a fully-integrated, online, front-to-back, parameter-driven banking solution. The conceptual design of the OLYMPIC Banking System is based around a core system which groups all centralised functions, and offers a wide choice of fully integrated optional modules.

FIS Systematics

fis-logoThe Systematics suite of products is the foundation for some of the world’s most successful banks and financial services organizations. This comprehensive suite of applications provides integrated, end-to-end solutions for customer management, deposits, lending, and financial and management reporting. The integrated suite is flexible enough to use in organizations of any size, business structure or geographic scale. It supports multi-bank, multi-currency and multilingual environments. It can easily manage the rapid, successive changes necessary today, whether driven by consolidation, globalization, competition, the Internet or other emerging factors

We have been working with Systematics since December 2001 providing Systematics Banking IT skills to leading banks around the world.

Misys Bankmaster/BM+, Equation, Midas

misys_logoMisys provides a broad portfolio of banking, capital markets, investment management and risk solutions to more than 2,000 clients in 130 counties. They offer a unique modular, open architecture to enable clients to innovate, connect and expand their existing services and increase value faster.

We have been working with Misys for many years, with expertise in a wide variety of both current and legacy products.

Temenos Globus/T24™, Micro and Community Banking (formerly eMerge)

Temenos T24 is a complete front to back office, CRM and product lifecycle management software platform that powers retail, corporate, wholesale, universal and private banking operations. Running 24/7 and in real-time, T24 combines comprehensive business functionality with an advanced, secure, scalable and modular architecture that future-proofs your banking operations to meet the banking technology and market challenges of today and tomorrow.

Consistently ranked as the first or second best-selling core banking software platform worldwide for the last 14 years, Temenos T24 is developed using a complete service-oriented architecture (SOA) that’s modular so you can deploy and integrate the functionality you need in perfect harmony with the needs of your business.