SOFGEN Change Manager

Your core platform must evolve constantly to keep up with new regulations, integrate with new products, apply new patches, and more. While change is necessary, it must be carefully developed, thoroughly tested, and then integrated accurately to minimize discrepancies and human error.

With this in mind, we created the SOFGEN Change Manager (SCM) tool. Fully integrated into TEMENOS GLOBUS/ T24, SCM is an automated deployment and release management utility that enables both developers and release managers to control changes to all GLOBUS/T24 technical environments in a centralised manner.

SCM gives our customers a clear and cost-efficient view of the lifecycle of their system enhancements throughout the various stages of development, testing and release. If your bank is lacking a systematic, centralised approach to modifications and updates being applied anywhere in your IT ecosystem, SCM may be for you.


SOFGEN Event Manager

Do two of your staff members perform the same function in the exact same manner on the bank’s core processing system? How about all of the operations staff globally? A powerful workflow management solution, SOFGEN Event Manager (SEM) is an engine that allows T24 users to create their own personalized workflows. Workflows can be automated and based upon both external and internal events, making streamlining operations much more achievable.

Any functional workflow can be built in SEM and used to effectively add features and capabilities to the core Temenos system. If your staff labors redundantly and valuable employee resources are spent on repeatable tasks that can be automated, then SEM may save your bank a great deal of time and money.


SOFGEN Activity Manager

SOFGEN Activity Monitor (SAM) is a solution which allows for online/real-time monitoring of COB and daily activities in TEMENOS GLOBUS™/T24™ environment(s). Built on leading technology, SAM offers an intelligent monitoring solution that allows these users overview of their system behaviour, thereby adding value to daily operations.

The product operates on its own server completely outside the T24 environment so there is no interference with T24 and no performance impact. Ease of set-up enables SAM to be operational within a short time-frame, typically installations are completed within one or two weeks.

SOFGEN Activity Monitor allows a single click screen view from which the System Administrators and Operators may;

  • Monitor the system activity
  • Manage Close of Business & On-Line checklists
  • Receive notifications and alerts about system health
  • Track data processing performance by company

The benefits of using the SOFGEN activity monitor is that system problems may be noticed immediately and operational staff alerted. In the case of Close of Business, the operator is alerted about issues, which without SAM, would not be noticed.


SOFGEN Automated System Testing (AST)

The efficient automation of crucial system tests brings not only enhanced speed, but also enhanced accuracy to any large-scale QA endeavor.

AST (Automated System Testing) is an Avaloq-based tool for test automation that can be used in all testing phases, from unit to system testing as well as in regression and progressive testing, performance and fast escalation tests. AST focuses on the technical content of testing, separating test data and technical test scripts, thereby reducing the complexity of Avaloq and its different releases.

AST has proven to be the most efficient test tool in the Avaloq world in terms of initial setup cost, test case creation, test execution and maintenance. System testing is a critical reality for every release upgrade and script update in your system; AST can add the functionality necessary to make it a verifiable and efficient process.


WILFm (What I’m looking for) – formerly known as Birt

WILF Migration Utility allows for data to be transferred between banking or financial systems on the basis of a relational database staging area.  WILFm’s, Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) solution for data migrations creates a relational database of the source data which can then be cleansed and enhanced in a controlled, repeatable and flexible manner.  Load can be full or partial, because of the relational database functionality inherent in the utility.

WILFm can currently connect to the following systems, either incoming or outgoing:

  • Avaloq
  • Aurius
  • BM/BM+
  • Any CSV file
  • Any DB2/ORACLE/SQL database
  • iFlex
  • Kastle
  • OBS
  • Sun Accounts
  • Systematics VSAM
  • T24

If you are implementing a system and wish to mitigate migration risk, SOFGEN will provide fixed price estimates, leveraged on the use of the WILFM utility.  WILFm has also been used by banks acquiring or divesting of portfolios, activities implying repeated migrations.