Bank compliance and risk budgets have seen significant growth over the past years as the regulatory environment becomes more challenging. A proliferation of regulations, from FATCA and Dodd-Frank originating from the United States to the European Savings Directive and Basel III in Europe continues to raise the cost of compliance.

The problem: Multi-jurisdictional tax reporting

The solution: SaveTax

SOFGEN SaveTax addresses the issue of multi-jurisdictional tax reporting. Through SaveTax’s rules-based calculation engine, financial institutions are able via a single platform to provide their customers in various jurisdictions with the information required to report their activities appropriately.  SaveTax interfaces with the bank’s core systems and its rules engine is continually updated with current tax information supplied by leading accounting and legal firms.

Will it work for me?
SaveTax is suited to any bank with customers in multiple jurisdictions. SaveTax has partnered with PWC in Luxembourg to offer its customers an outsourced tax reporting capability.


The problem: Credit & credit risk management

The solution: CreditQuest

CreditQuest is an end-to-end Credit Management System, developed by D&H, specifically designed to manage the complex requirements of commercial, small business, retail, and microfinance lending.

CreditQuest improves efficiency throughout the entire credit lifecycle, bringing origination, financial analysis, underwriting, documentation and executive reporting together in a collaborative, cost efficient workflow.

Will it work for me?
CreditQuest is a solution for institutions that wish to streamline their lending operations and manage them, and their risk, more effectively.


The problem: Operational risk – Fraud, data theft, information leaks

The solution: NetGuardians

NetGuardians’ revolutionary NG|Screener is a behavioral analysis software solution that monitors every entry point in the bank’s core banking and associated IT systems. Its “intelligent” behavioral analysis alerts bank operations, compliance and audit staff to events signaling inter alia potential fraud, data and/or information theft in real-time with detailed alerts, reports and audit trails.

Will it work for me?
NG|Screener provides end-to-end fraud coverage that protects banks from malicious activity like customer data theft, asset theft, or illegal modification of banking records. It is packaged for T24 and Olympic, and is a valuable solution for clients seeking to monitor and mitigate the significant risks involved in banking operations.