Emerging economies have created significant opportunities for smaller financial institutions to capture markets underserved by conventional banks. These organizations bring targeted alternative financial products to their communities. With an entirely different set of customers and constraints, microfinance institutions require an entirely different service equation.


The Problem: Unique requirements of microfinance institutions

The Solution: T24 for Microfinance and Community Banking (MCB)

T24 MCB (formerly known as “eMerge”) is an extension of the T24 banking software that caters to the needs of the microfinance market.

T24 MCB is a configuration of a T24 model bank with functionality specifically targeted at small retail and mutual banks, credit unions and microfinance institutions, typically in emerging markets. It is an entry level platform with an in-built growth path to full T24 functionality.

When combined with a cloud implementation, the rollout of T24 MCB at a client institution is rapid, scalable, and unprecedentedly affordable.

Will it work for me?
T24 MCB brings the power and resource access of a world-leading system to the usage scale of a small institution. At the same time, it is future-proof, able to be scaled up as the bank’s operations grow and eventually leading to a fully fledged T24 implementation along an organized upgrade path. For small financial operations T24 MCB is an excellent solution both for today and tomorrow.