Since the 2008 global financial crisis, bank margins in some sectors have halved. With the cost of compliance having skyrocketed, discretionary budgets are under pressure. The need to control cost is paramount, and SOFGEN has responded to our clients’ requirements via the development of various solutions.

Via our Avaloq offshore centre in Manila and our Temenos offshore centre in Chennai, we offer best in class solutions at blended rates, enabling our clients to obtain value for money. We offer implementation accelerators and testing tools which lower total cost of ownership for banks. Last but not least SOFGEN’s BI practice, staffed by senior bankers, helps our clients to implement business intelligence software, helping banks to control cost via the provision of better and timelier information.

Manila Development Centre (MDC)

Founded in 2008, the Manila-based Development Centre is Tier 1 bank compliant, having been audited by one of SOFGEN’s leading clients. Initially dedicated to Avaloq development, the centre generalized its capabilities in 2012 and now supports various platforms.

With respect to Avaloq, SOFGEN leverages privileged relationships with local universities to recruit staff whose capabilities are then augmented by experienced Avaloq coaches provided from SOFGEN Europe and Singapore. ADC employees have typically between 2 and 5 years’ Avaloq experience. In addition to European customers, the ADC has contracted or has completed mandates for every Avaloq Asia Pacific-based bank; in particular, Manila delivered the Avaloq Reference Bank Asia in 2014, placing us in a unique position to undertake further projects in the region.

In addition to 100+ Avaloq staff, 40 engineers support our SaveTax and Crealogix activities to offer best in class customer value at blended rates. We expect to add further platform support in 2015.

Temenos Offshore Centre

SOFGEN’s Temenos offshore centre is based in Chennai.  We decided to locate our office in the same building as Temenos’ development centre, a decision which has enabled our teams to improve interaction and communication.  Our regional teams all over the world leverage our compliment of 85 staff to deliver best in class value in the areas of development, testing, outsourced application management and upgrades, SOFGEN having been the first partner in the Temenos ecosystem to be upgrade certified.  SOFGEN’s Temenos implementation accelerators and productivity tools are designed, written and maintained in Chennai.

We work closely with Temenos to ensure that appropriate governance is in place for all projects, thereby assuring that Temenos and SOFGEN can serve our customers seamlessly over the entire system lifecycle.

Implementation Accellerators

SOFGEN Change Manager

SOFGEN Change Manager (SCM), fully integrated into TEMENOS GLOBUS/ T24, is an automated deployment and release management utility that enables both developers and release managers to control changes to all GLOBUS/T24 technical environments in a centralised manner

Will it work for me?
SCM increases accelerates implementation time by ensuring that development, testing and production environments are correctly synchronized. Resulting improvements in system availability have been shown to improve productivity by a factor of 10%. If you have a complex T24 environment, SCM is probably for you.

SOFGEN Event Manager

SOFGEN Event Manager (SEM) is an engine that allows T24 integrators to create their own personalized interfacing workflows, thereby enabling the centralization of real time and batch interface management. Workflows can be automated and based upon both external and internal events, lowering costs of system integration.

Will it work for me?
If you have a complex systems environment and you are implementing T24, then SEM may potentially accelerate systems integration.

SOFGEN Automated Testing System (AST)

AST (Automated System Testing) is an Avaloq-based tool for test automation. Working at the Avaloq API level, AST is used in unit and system testing as well as in regression and progressive testing, and performance and fast escalation tests. AST focuses on the technical content of testing, separating test data and technical test scripts, thereby reducing the complexity of Avaloq and its different releases.

Will it work for me?
AST has proven to be the most efficient test tool in the Avaloq world in terms of initial setup cost, test case creation, test execution and maintenance. We are able to extract all data objects from the Avaloq system, thereby allowing AST to be run from our offshore centre in Manila, without compromising data security.

BIRT Migration Utility

SOFGEN’s BIRT Migration Utility allows for data to be transferred between banking or financial systems on the basis of a relational database staging area.  BIRT’s, Extract/Transfer/Load (ETL) solution for data migrations creates a relational database of the source data which can then be cleansed and enhanced in a controlled, repeatable and flexible manner.  Load can be full or partial, because of the relational database functionality inherent in the utility.

BIRT can currently connect to the following systems, either incoming or outgoing:

  • Avaloq
  • Aurius
  • BM/BM+
  • Any CSV file
  • Any DB2/ORACLE/SQL database
  • iFlex
  • Kastle
  • OBS
  • Sun Accounts
  • Systematics VSAM
  • T24

Will it work for me?
If you are implementing a system and wish to mitigate migration risk, SOFGEN will provide fixed price estimates, leveraged on the use of the BIRT utility.  BIRT has also been used by banks acquiring or divesting of portfolios, activities implying repeated migrations.