New channels are constantly emerging, and new communication demands are being placed on banks. In certain segments, managing your customers’ experience with your products and services is almost as important as managing their portfolios, and their data.

Without the right tools in place, the addition of each new channel fragments communications and results in lower service quality, exacerbated by increased IT integration and infrastructure costs.


The Problem: User Experience Management

The Solution: edgeConnect/TemenosConnect

Temenos Connect Internet Banking provides online access to 24/7 core banking functions across all business lines, including wealth management services. Temenos Connect Internet integrates with the T24 core banking system and is supported by a scalable and secure internet banking infrastructure.

Will it work for me?
Temenos Connect Internet banking comes with a fully integrated, flexible user interface, powered by the edgeConnect user experience platform. Because Temenos Connect Internet is built on open software standards, it integrates smoothly with both core banking and legacy systems.


The Problem: Client Onboarding

The Solution: Appway

In an era of increased global competition and regulation, Appway Client Onboarding boosts efficiency, assures legal and tax compliance, and guarantees outstanding client experience. By following critical tax policies, promoting due diligence, and supporting corporate governance and standards, Appway Client Onboarding ensures rapid adherence to fluctuating regulations for reduced risk.

Will it work for me?
Each and every step of onboarding, updating, and off-boarding a client is automated with Appway Client Onboarding, boosting the efficiency and accuracy of business processes and enriching the customer experience.


The Problem: Omnichannel Banking

The Solution: CREALOGIX E-Banking

Via smartphone whilst out and about, from home or office via computer and through regular branch visits – the growing number of bank channels in use underpins the necessity of connecting to a multitude of platforms. In the E-Banking Suite, CREALOGIX has created a solution that links all online and offline channels.

Will it work for me?
The CREALOGIX product portfolio covers functionality required by retail and private banks for seamless integration of their product ranges. Via the E-Banking Software Suite, a complete service that runs on all systems – online and mobile – can be configured the E-Banking Software Suite.


The Problem: Process Automation

The Solution: IMTF Process Automation Solutions

Process Automation is designed to speed the delivery of (Banking-) tasks and services while helping to avoid manual errors. By defining, automating and orchestrating processes across organizational silos that use disparate systems, IMTF’s solutions help banks improve productivity while also enforcing standards.

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IMTF’s process automation solutions cover inter alia Client Onboarding / Due Diligence, Output Management, Payment Capture Automation, Invoice Processing, AML Transaction Monitoring and Credit Folder Management.


The Problem: Financial Services across various digital channels

The Solution: Avaloq Front Platform

The Avaloq Front Platform is an open, flexible, service-oriented and client-centric system allowing the development of various e-banking applications that can be used across multiple channels. This scalable, robust and secure front layer with 24/7 availability, covers the entire functionality of the Avaloq Banking Platform.

Manifold applications for mobile devices, tablet and web browsers providing functionality for a variety of market segments including retail and private banking clients, corporates, client advisors as well as asset managers, are supported.

Will it work for me?
AFP provides seamless integration into the Avaloq Banking Platform with ready-to-use functional building blocks for third-party development and delivers rapid integration of systems and channels at low cost and risk.