Business intelligence

Temenos Insight

Insight is a range of business intelligence, analytics and reporting products that provides clear, operable access to the data residing in core banking, general ledger and other systems. Developed by Temenos but implemented on a variety of core banking platforms, Insight extracts data from myriad core and auxiliary systems, transforms it, and loads it for analysis. It presents information using intuitive dashboards, clear graphical visualizations and reports. SOFGEN’s senior business consultants work with the bank’s key stakeholders to ensure that the relevant management information is available.

Will it work for me?
Insight comes in four turnkey versions: Financial Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Operational Intelligence, and Risk Intelligence. Its flexibility, extensive feature set, and targeted versioning make it an excellent solution for each of the four main categories of intelligence challenge. As with any management information system, implementation is key; SOFGEN has a flawless track record of Insight implementations in 10+ countries on four continents.