Our history

The Hogan Systems core banking platform is an integrated suite of applications that provides online, real-time access to all of a bank’s customer relationships across the entire enterprise. The emphasis on real-time processing means Hogan is a brand of choice for banks trying to meet demands for responsive, timely and accurate account information. It also reduces operating costs by eliminating the complexities of the traditional memopost, batch-update model.

We have been working with Hogan since December 2001, providing Hogan Banking IT skills to leading banks around the world.

Our capability

We have been serving key banks in US, UK and Ireland, providing senior Hogan consultants for more than a decade. Our Hogan expertise is on all modules of Hogan especially in Core Retail and Loans / Card systems.

Our offerings

Successful implementation demands expertise in applications and operations, technologies, project planning and management, as well as in the specifics of Hogan Banking system. We provide:

  • Requirement analysis and package evaluation
  • Initial package implementation
  • Conversion of an acquired bank to your systems
  • Upgrades to the latest product release
  • Skilled staff recruiting

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