SOFGEN completes R07 to R13 T24 upgrade at Bank of Singapore

Bank’s Singapore and Hong Kong instances to leverage
Temenos platform for major digital banking initiative

Singapore, 5 January 2016: SOFGEN Services Pte Ltd (SOFGEN) is pleased to announce the successful completion of a major release upgrade project at Bank of Singapore, taking the bank’s Temenos T24 core platform from R07 to R13, a jump of six versions.

Over a period of 12 months, the bank upgraded its Singapore and Hong Kong instances in addition to optimising its Unix T24 environment. As a result of the SOFGEN/BOS team having met its objectives, the bank is now able to pursue its modernization objectives and build functional capabilities around its core banking platform, as part of its strategic technology roadmap.

“The release upgrade project was a critical component of our strategic roadmap and thanks to the successful completion of this project, we are now in good shape to modernize our IT, with the implementation of the full Temenos Wealth Management Suite.” Said Vincent Caldeira, Managing Director and Head of Technology and Strategic Programs. “I would like to thank the SOFGEN team for the dedication and thoroughness of their technical planning and analysis, which contributed to this successful project.”

“This complex project was a complete success” commented Patrick Enjalbal, SOFGEN’s General Manager APAC Region. “We blended onsite technical leads with our skilled offshore talent pool, resulting in a highly effective and cost-efficient engagement. We are grateful to the bank for having given us the opportunity to showcase capabilities which we are able to offer to other financial institutions in the APAC region”.

About Bank of Singapore

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