SOFGEN is one of the most respected international consultancy groups specializing in banking IT systems, worldwide.

Our organization was founded in 1999 by two highly experienced banking IT consultants, Stefan Gsell and Yeoh Guan Teik. From their base in Geneva and Kuala Lumpur, and with an initial focus on the Temenos T24™ banking platform, they spent the next eight years driving targeted skill expansion and rapid growth into the Americas, Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

sofgen.runeWe chose for our logo a runic inscription from ancient times called a “Jera,” which symbolizes the sowing of seeds ultimately generating harvest, success and abundance. It represents the effort SOFGEN invests in cultivating our clients’ success, resulting from the close partnership we build with our customers over time.

It is our goal to visibly be the largest and most well-respected independent, multi-platform, global consultancy in the core banking systems market. Our track record and our dedication to earning our customers’ trust, as well as the enhancement of our offerings, bring us closer to this goal every day.

Our end-to-end service offering centers on core banking systems, and builds out selectively to encompass solutions to the most critical challenges facing banks today. Learn more about what we do >